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Can't believe were really going!

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Two days ago, the three of us booked our plane tickets to fly out of Buffalo to Belize and home from Lima back to Buffalo. We were originally budgeting on $1400.00 - $1500.00, but thanks to Brenda Pascoe, leigh's mom, we got them for $827.00 per person! We have a little less than two months left for our preparations, but I'm sure that time will fly by and we'll end up with a mad scramble on the week before our expected departure date. Christmas and Santa was good to all of us, craig got his travel guitar and on top of that, a digital camera! Leigs family got the new nentendo system the Wii, which although has nothing to do with the trip, will most certainly entertain us in the weeks leading up to te trip! I was given money left right and centre with the promise of more while we are travelling. I also involved myself in the madness that is Boxing Day Shopping in order to save money on the camera that had picked out. I am now the proud owner of a Canon S3 IS with a total savings of over $100.00, I'm very happy. The next large thing we must all buy is travel insurance, and with some research, along with a new outdoor magazine as our guide we'l be well insured by the time we take off for the south!

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pre-trip planning


According to the travellers book "on a shoestring" the range for money we will need for each day ranges from $20-35 USD we calculated how much it wouldcost for 3 months(90 days) it came to 3,642.53 CAD we found out that the plane ticket costs about $956 CAN. The bags and boots taken care of already, there are still a couple of things that need to be bought, such a insurance and things of that nature. the grand total of everything (discounting the random miscellaneous items) it comes to aboot $4598.53 CAN not bad for 3 months of travel.

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this is where the subheading goes

Ok.. so the trip's not for another couple months. Depending on the plane tickets I suppose.
I work on saturday. Yay! Excited to make money for boarding. Christmas is soon, I hope I get stuff for the trip.

This is the end of my test. I think I've figured it out

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pre-trip planning

...a.k.a. mad scramble!

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Many months in planning have gotten us... ahead... we know at least where were going. Flying into Belize.. heading to Guatemala, on to El Salvador and then north-east into Honduras. From there we head south to Nicuragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. From Panama we will fly in Columbia and from there continue onto Ecuador and finally Peru. We plan to stay a little extra time in Peru to learn to surf! In total, should take us three months. On that note, here's to a thousand happy trails, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and to two friends who mean the world to me! (hopefully, we'll stay that way after three months!)


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