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puerte viejo, bocas, panama city



in puerte viejo we stayed at this really cool hostel and they had nothing but hammocks and places to set up tents, we shopped for a couple of souvenirs and got some food. we had to leave the next day in the morn so we hit the hay early, we left for the boarder early in the morn and met this 53 year old man from ottawa on our way to tortoungo, he was an interesting fella, he talked about nothing else but girls, we hung out with him for most of our stay in bocas del toro. we stayed at a cool hostel on this little island, the first night we desided that we would get wasted so on our way to that point we bought this shirt, it has the logos of 27 bars in town and when you go to one of those bars you get a free drink. we were only able to get 3 drinks in before the bars closed at 10 so we decided to get wasted the next day.

the next day we went on a boat tour to do some snorkling and relaxing on some neighboring white sand beaches, the wildlife there was really amazing, it wasnt anything compared to utila in honduras but it was still really amazing. we got burnt, mostly on the backs of our arms, we have tanned well enough in most other areas. when we got back we got a drink, did some internet, went to another bar had a drink, went to another bar had a drink, went to another bar, had a drink, had dinner, and went to a bar and had another drink, i stayed at our hostel after that as well as craig, ryan wanted to get more done, he ended up going to five more bars and came back quite smashed. i dont know exactly how drunk he was, but we was drunk in the morning still. so ryan withstanding, we got packed quickly and went to the water taxi, it was about and hour ride, to a small town that we didnt get to know very intimately, there we hopped on a coach bus to panama city, ryan had sobered up by then so he was feeling pretty hungover while i felt fine, the bus ride really made ryan and craig sick because it was up the crazyest turning road ive ever been up not only was it turny but it was up and down so they felt really bad until we got to the bottom of them mountain on the other side, after a 10 hour bus ride we made it to panama city. we took a taxi to the hostel and arranged the for the sailboat to columbia, it was about a 5 day trip so we have to find some entertainment for the boat and the bus ride. i wont be blogging until i get back so if no one hears from me for a week dont be too worried, i will be on the carribean sea sailing to columbia but i will be back on when i get there

dont worry its not a drug sailboat,

missing everyone back home


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Ometepe, Granada, tilaran

Nicagua/costa rica

semi-overcast 28 °C

We left at about 11:00 am toward granada, it was about a 2 hours to get to manague and another 45 minutes to get to granada. Granada was a really nice city of about 83000 people. it was a bit more touristy because it was such a colonial town, but it was really beautiful. it was amazing to see the contrast between the colonial beauty and the impoverashed part of town just a 10 minute walk from where we were staying. i think we managed to stay a litte ahead of the crowd who were there for the semana sente(holy week/easter week). so we were able to find some cheap dorm beds in town with free internet and free breakfast. The computers had linux on them so it was really exciting for me and craig. we got the internet for an hour and a half then we went out and had some really good pizza, i know i know, we are adventurous, but we were really hungry and pizza was the first thing in the guide book that caught our eye. the french girls who were staying there spent from the time we had dinner till about 12:30 that night, they were being hogs. we left fairly late at around 11:00am and we took a bus to rivas and then a ferry to ometempe. we stayed at a hostel called hospidajae central. there werent any dorm rooms but some hammocks just opened up the night before, so we ended up staying there for 23cords which is the equivilency of 1.20usd a night. so while we were there we climbed a volcano, but we were only able to go up to 1000m metres because it was too windy and it was too cloudy. from that point it felt like we were on top of a windy, foggy hill, it was kinda lame, but we got to see a barrel full of monkeys so that was alright, and it was really humid and hot so i got more sweaty then i ever have been in my life, i was borowing one of craigs shirts for the hike and afterward he looked at it and said i can keep it. we went to the beach the next day and it was raining so it wasnt as fun but we got to swim in a really big freshwater lake.

the next day we left left ometepe at 5:30 in the morning and made our way to costa rica, we spend the most time at the coasta rica boarder then we did at any other boarder. we spent about 4 hours at the boarder, we bearly made it to tilaran and it was just getting dark. we slept at hotel tileran, we werent able to get a room with 3 beds so we got a room with 2 beds and a room with one bed insted. it was the first time we actually had a different room for the first time on this trip. the next morning we waited with our stuff on the side of the road on the way to monteverde, we burned waiting for a truck to pick us up, at about 1pm we went to the bus station only to find that there arent any buses running until sat at 5am. that meant that we were stuck there for 3 nights in total. it was bad because we werent able to go on the zipline tour but we did get a bit of downtime before we go all bus crazy for the days after. actually its not only going to be busses its going to be boats. busses to boats to busses to buses to boats......and so forth. its going to be crazy rushed until we get to panama city and we wait for the boat to columbia. so tomorrow we leave on our crazy bus ride. in two weeks we should be in columbia if everything goes to plan.

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Utila and Leon


sunny 30 °C

we left for utila early in the morning and we took buses for many hours. there was much rushing and being shoved on to buses. we finally made it to la ceiba and we were quickly rushed onto a taxi. it had to rush like mad to try and get the ferry to Utila island. we made it to the ferry by the skin of our noses, it was actually in the midst of leaving. i wasnt feeling well before i went on the boat and the ferry didnt make it any better, after an hour we finally made it to our destination, none to soon i was a bit sea sick. i was also sick in another way, i will spare you the details but it wasnt pretty.

we were swamped by people with flyers and such want us to go to their dive schools, parties and other scuba diving things. we were hoping to go snorkling. we met this fella who directed us to a place that would give us cheaper accomidations if we got our scuba certification there. we still didnt expect to learn how to scuba dive. we checked the school out and while we were there we met a girl from austrailia named Lisa and she was also trying to find a place to stay, and learn advanced scuba diving. most of the rooms that we have seen had four beds, so we asked if she wanted to bunk with us to save some money. she wanted to check out one other place on the island other than the one that we were at. so we left our bags at the dive school and left to find the other place. eventually we found a place called Cross Creek dive centre. It looked really promising so we looked into it further. they had everything we wanted cheap scuba school rates a kitchen cheap accomidations and two free fun dives. one of the people who worked there offered us free accomidations while we are taking the course, that just sealed the deal. so we went back across town to get our stuff. when the 4 of us got back we were met by gore (our dive instructor) who offered us a better room because there were 4 of us and we chose them over the other people. The room that they spoke of was amazing, it had a private bathroom, hot and cold running water, a fridge and the best part.....A/C. We were all really excited about this room usually it cost 18USD a night but we got it for free. the lessons were among the cheapest in the world in Utila but it still set us back 240USD each Ryan used his spare $2000 that he has stashed away in his other account to pay for all of us. we started doing class a bit later then we were supposed to, and we had to rush to get it all done i ate my pancake that i had made in the class while we watched the videos. there first day was a bit boring, wet suits are surprisingly comfortable. i took to scuba diving really well. it was a really amazing experience to be able to breathe underwater. Diving is one of the greatest and most amazing things ive ever done. every day i did diving i liked it more and more. its like being weightless, and being a giant floating jungle world. i would recommend it to everyone, i think its one of those things you have to experience before you die. getting to know the equipment was surprisingly easy as well. we have a total of 6 dives under our belt now as well as our international dive certificate. we left on monday and set off for nicaragua, we took about 7 hours of buses to get to Tegas, Honduras and we stayed there overnight in a pretty clean place, most of the hotels have tvs in every room, we┬┤ve watched more tv in honduras then we have the whole trip.
while we were in utila we had been living on just two meal days because our dives always started at 12 and didnt end till 4 so we never really ate luch, as well as for our two travel days to get to nicaragua. when we got to the boarder it was crazy, there were people hanging on the ladders on the microbus with their heads in the windows trying to get something, whether it was if we wanted a ride to the boarder, to get our money exchanged or just plain asking for money, i was afraid they were going to take our bags. we eventually got our passport stamped and got across the board, we think we got screwed a bit on the money exchange, but what can you do? after another two buses and a total of 7 and a half hours on buses we made it to Leon, we had quite a walk and it was getting close to dark, we met a fella named dave who went with us to try and find the hostel called via via. he had a compass so that helped a lot to try in orient ourselves, after a lot of walking through town we made it to via via, but we found out there was another hostel right across the road we we were told it was better by the people who were staying via via, so we stayed at the bigfoot insted, it was a really cool place. it was a dorm style hostel, it had a kitchen, clean sheets, a pool table, a bar, and tv, it was pretty swanky. the next day we went to the museum of mythology and torture...i know it sounds like a weird combination, as well as that, we visited central americas largest cathedral it was pretty amazing. later on that night we went to the bar and got to see some live music, they played one english song, "one"-U2. the whole hostel went to see her, there were a good 25 people staying at the hostel, when we got there the power was out so we had to wait a bit before we got to hear anything. the rest of the night was a blur but it was definately a good night. today we are going to climb a volcano and slide down it on a piece of plywood, it going to be really cool, i cant wait.

this blog was written over several days sporatically so if its a bit hard to understand bear with me.

missin home,


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Copan ruinas day 2


sunny 26 °C

Today we visited the Copan Mayan Ruins. it was really cool, you got to see some of the original colours, colours like red, green, and pink. It was really amazing to see the artwork and sculptures preserved so well. it was different then Tikal in the way that it showed more of the culture then just the grandeurness of the Temples in pyramids. The same goes for Lamanai in Belize, you the towers werent as impressive as either of the other two places but the boat ride through the jungles was amazing in itself, to see all the wildlife and people on the river was worth the money alone, even if we didnt see the ruins.

The rest of the day was spent mostly on shopping for souvenirs. In the first big place we went to i asked the guy if there was a smaller version of the chess set that he sold. The shop keeper said that there isnt a smaller version of that because it was hand carved. i was a bit dissipointed but we continued on to a larger market like place that sold other souvenirs but to my surprise they sold much of the exact same stuff that he had and they had many of the exact chess set that the other guy sold. what a coincidence that all of the other people have the same chess set and they were all hand carved, they must have good quality control, lol. we didnt end up buying anything in the end. we desided that we had too far to go, and we would have to carry everything we buy for the rest of the trip; which was not only a big burden to carry by itselft, but we run the risk of breaking while we are in the other 6 countries. in short: good ruins, good food, lots of catching up for blogs and family members.

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Copan Ruinas


later on sunday night we were able to watch 2 of the original star wars movies and and the morning we watched the end fight seen from the final matrix movie.....all in spanish, well i thought it was really cool.

we left the unknown town a little after 9ish. there was a coach bus parked in front of our little hotel, and it happened to be going to the town we wanted to be at. after about a 3 hour ride up and down the mountains and with much ear poping, we made it to the half way point. we ate some breakfast/lunch and went on the next bus to the copan ruinas. that bus was more of an old school bus, which was alright because it reminded me of the busses at home except the most of the seat cushions werent fasened to the frame of the chair. but it was a fun ride and the view is incredible. but not much has happened today except for a long bus rides. tomorrow we shall be going to copan mayan ruins and the hot springs, both should be really cool. ooooh yeah, hot springs, oooooh yeah, really old buildings.

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