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Whitewater Rafting!

rain 20 °C

Hello everyone,

First off.. I´m sorry, I haven´t blogged much, my last one was 4 countries ago. I´m not sure why, I guess things have just been a little crazy, or maybe I´m just a little lazy. Either way, not much has been blogged by me, sorry.

So, now we are in Tena. It is a small town in the Orient of Ecuador. The Orient is a very jungle-y area, with lots of rivers, sometimes it is called the mini-amazon. Its a pretty nice town, not too big, not too small, not too hot (at 600m above sea level), and the best thing about it, is that it is the whitewater rafting capital of Ecuador.

We are staying in this really nice hostal (at $5 a night) in our own room. It serves a cheap, easy, and good breakfast, which we´ve taken advantage of both mornings. The only downside of it is that its way outta town, at least a 8 minute walk to anything, no big deal.

Yesterday was a day to chill. We all wandered out into town (when it stopped raining.. it rains a lot in Ecuador) just to explore. Later, I went out and actually bought something (a bag.. probably not for me). Also, while I was out I found some good icecream, and talked to another traveller who we met crossing into Ecuador. That night, we met a guy named Neil who was staying at our hostel, and the four of us went out for a cheap, fast meal.

Today, well, today was an exciting day. We didn´t chill, I definately wouldn´t call it that. We went whitewater rafting! We headed out with the hostel owner, two guides, and Neil. After a 20-30 minute drive, we hopped out of the truck, and organized gear. The next thing we did was a half-hour rediculously muddy walk (Ryan is gonna throw out his shoes) to the river. Then, after a quick lesson on oru guide´s commands, and various other river-smart things (that I already knew.. of course) we hopped into the raft, and our second guide got into the safety kayak. Then we were off.

For probably around an hour and a half to 2 hours, we plowed through waves and scraped over rocks. Till we met where this river met another. It was awesome. I ended up falling out near the end of this session because of a huge wave, and was able to swim correctly and bounce off a nice sized rock (with my feet) and grab the raft again. I was helped back in and we continued on.

Where the two rivers met, we had lunch. It was really good, and really filling (suprising for a tour lunch). Then we were back on the river. The water got much bigger for this session. We did less craping on rocks, and more plowing through and over waves. It was even better! Soon (probably too soon in my books) we came to a road, and this was the ending point of the tour. We beached the rafted, cleaned everything off, and got everything up to the roadside. Then we had a great game of throwing rocks at trees, and throwing rocks at other rocks (guides included). Soon, the truck came, and we threw the raft up top and barreled down the road.

We got back to the hostel, got into dry clothes, other to wander into the rain to find an atm (we wandered for a long while, then gave up and took a taxi, cause it was pouring rain). Then we came here, the internet cafe.

Tomorrow we are off to Baños (which means bathroom in spanish.. but whatever), then after that, we are off to Cuenca, then into Peru (our last country!).

Take it easy everyone, I hear the weather is improving way up there.



Oh.. I forgot, we are now in the southern hemisphere, and the toilets don´t flush the other way.

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Dear Craig,I know I'm crazy but I need to now how things are going. If you don't blog then the rest of us can't live through your experiences. You have alot of fans out there.
Glad to hear your rafting trip went well - not a big surprise you fell out as I don't think whitewater really scares you. Anyway all's well that ends well. Good to hear from you. Take care & play safe - the three ammigos. Love Mom

by kbryan

Hey Craigy!
River Rafting sounds really great, and it's nice to see you blogging again. Wow, almost time for to be coming home, three more weeks, enjoy it while you can. The weather is ALOT better here, it's warmer, and sunny, I can now go outside in shorts!=]
Glad to hear you're having fun.
Miss you,

by lor56

Sooooo good to hear your voice Craig, missed you! Sounds like this recent experience was a little on the damp side.
Somehow I am not surprised that you went for a weep dip, too bad there was no video. Glad to hear you guys are eating well. I understand you guys are just below the equator, so sad about the toilets. We are warming up out hear, deck chairs are coming out, firing up the sun screen and thinking of celetrations of your return!! I hear you are well, tell Ryan to go and get that throat checked out. Play safe out there guys. Much love, Mom Cory.

by coribel

hey guys, the puter is back and running, the modem was in boot hill!! craig, the banos do flush the other way or did you forget that as you are in the southern hemisphere, you too have to turn the other way. machu picchu, a world jewel awaits your arrival, hope all is well, less than three weeks and yours to discover awaits your arrival, con amore, su madre y su padre y keegan el perro no silencioso!!

by coribel

Hi Craig
So good to hear you back online and all is well. Sounds like you are having soooo much fun. What will you ever do when you get back home. It will seem boring. As you probably heard the weather is getting really nice for your return. So take care and write when you can. Love Aunt Jane

by janegobet

Hey Craig,
Have enjoyed reading of your adventures. Sounds like you are have a great time. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Have a great day, although this whole trip sound like a blast. See you sometime when we are up at the boat. Have a great day love Uncle Larry and Aunt Debbie

by hipple

Hi Craig
Well life is nothing but boring for you and your friends. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. This is one birthday you will never forget. Take care of yourself and I will see you sometime when you are back. Love Aunt Jane

by janegobet

Happy Birthday to you Craig! Hope your hike in the jungle was an exciting way to spend your day. I sent you funds (via Ryan) for a great meal when you return to civilization!! Happy Happy 19th. Love Mom cory.

by coribel

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