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Nicagua/costa rica

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We left at about 11:00 am toward granada, it was about a 2 hours to get to manague and another 45 minutes to get to granada. Granada was a really nice city of about 83000 people. it was a bit more touristy because it was such a colonial town, but it was really beautiful. it was amazing to see the contrast between the colonial beauty and the impoverashed part of town just a 10 minute walk from where we were staying. i think we managed to stay a litte ahead of the crowd who were there for the semana sente(holy week/easter week). so we were able to find some cheap dorm beds in town with free internet and free breakfast. The computers had linux on them so it was really exciting for me and craig. we got the internet for an hour and a half then we went out and had some really good pizza, i know i know, we are adventurous, but we were really hungry and pizza was the first thing in the guide book that caught our eye. the french girls who were staying there spent from the time we had dinner till about 12:30 that night, they were being hogs. we left fairly late at around 11:00am and we took a bus to rivas and then a ferry to ometempe. we stayed at a hostel called hospidajae central. there werent any dorm rooms but some hammocks just opened up the night before, so we ended up staying there for 23cords which is the equivilency of 1.20usd a night. so while we were there we climbed a volcano, but we were only able to go up to 1000m metres because it was too windy and it was too cloudy. from that point it felt like we were on top of a windy, foggy hill, it was kinda lame, but we got to see a barrel full of monkeys so that was alright, and it was really humid and hot so i got more sweaty then i ever have been in my life, i was borowing one of craigs shirts for the hike and afterward he looked at it and said i can keep it. we went to the beach the next day and it was raining so it wasnt as fun but we got to swim in a really big freshwater lake.

the next day we left left ometepe at 5:30 in the morning and made our way to costa rica, we spend the most time at the coasta rica boarder then we did at any other boarder. we spent about 4 hours at the boarder, we bearly made it to tilaran and it was just getting dark. we slept at hotel tileran, we werent able to get a room with 3 beds so we got a room with 2 beds and a room with one bed insted. it was the first time we actually had a different room for the first time on this trip. the next morning we waited with our stuff on the side of the road on the way to monteverde, we burned waiting for a truck to pick us up, at about 1pm we went to the bus station only to find that there arent any buses running until sat at 5am. that meant that we were stuck there for 3 nights in total. it was bad because we werent able to go on the zipline tour but we did get a bit of downtime before we go all bus crazy for the days after. actually its not only going to be busses its going to be boats. busses to boats to busses to buses to boats......and so forth. its going to be crazy rushed until we get to panama city and we wait for the boat to columbia. so tomorrow we leave on our crazy bus ride. in two weeks we should be in columbia if everything goes to plan.

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Hey there guys, so glad to finally hear from you. I was getting a little worried about your whereabouts, but Dad called Craig's sister and had a chat to update us on the last contact. Sounds like Costa Rica was not at all as you planned. I'm so disappointed to hear that you did not get onto the zip line! So it would seem that you are into travel mode again, you have my sympathies Leigh, sounds like it is hardest on you. Thanks again for the update. Play safe and stay well, love Mom, Cory and Dad, Dave.

by coribel

Hello Everybody
It was great talking to you on MSN Leigh Leigh.
So you are on the road again. Good luck on your 5 day sail boat ride. Make sure you wear many many life jackets....OK?
Well it has been snowing so far all weekend for Easter Weekend. I have made still more banana bread. Dad is having a hard time breaking habits of buying still too many bananas. You can't say we are not getting our Potassium.
Be Safe Everybody.
Talk to you soon.
Love mom dad bradley and alex.
Love You!

by Pascoes

hey, sounds like you guys are having an alright time, I've decided I hate busses due to a boring 6 hour bus ride I went on yesterday, so I kinda feel sorry for you lol. so, a quick update on what I've been up to: lately, I've been an unemployed bum (but I have been doing some job searching) It's so incredibly boring having no job, and I had to miss a job interview (but I called a couple days in advance to tell them I was unavailable, but they haven't gotten back to me yet). We've been trying to keep the rounds alive every weekend and we've been somewhat successful (this weekend was my house so I didnt have to beg for a ride :). There's a new movie called blades of glory (its about figure skating) with Will Ferell and that guy from napolean dynamite that some of us went to see (sean boylen even came) it was pretty mind bottling. well, thats pretty much all I've been up to, I wish I was having as much fun as you guys are lol


by superjames

Dear Leigh Thanks for the update. You sound like the next little while will be taken up with travel. Hope all your connections go as planned. Ask craig to give a detailed update about your plans esp. this boat ride as the only time I have heard about it is though other comments. We are interested in what is going on!!! Glad to hear all is well - be safe. Love to you all Mom Kathy & Dad Steve & Lauryn PS Happy Easter!!!

by kbryan

HAPPY easter guys ! lol dont eat too much chocolate and party to hardd :) i miss miss you guys byebye <3
nickey ! ps I CAN DRIVE SOON ( 1 month and 6 days)

by nickk

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