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Volcano Boarding

Thats right, you read right.. volcano boarding

Hello fans,

So, as the name implies, we went volcano boarding today. What is volcano boarding? You may ask. Basically, you climb up this rocky black volcano (live, active volcano, incase you were wondering (it was smoking)). Then, once at the top, we hiked around to the sandy side, got a brief explaination of how to do it, then plunged down the side on this piece of plywood with a rope, and metal on the bottom. It was great, but I can still taste the dirt. Lemme go into more detail.

We had a 45 minute drive out to the base of the volcano. Ryan and two others got to ride in the cab, but me, leigh, and the rest were all in the back of a pickup truck. It was nice though, there were seats, and it had a nice breeze, since we were moving so fast. We quickly had the volcano in sight, it was a dark, sinister looking thing. After paying the entrance fee we started the rocky hike up the back side of the volcano. The walk was not straight up the side of the volcano, thankfully, instead, it was across it to where the bottom of the top ridge is, then followed the ridge to the top. This is where the heat drops right off, because the cool breeze from the Atlantic (as the guide explained) picked up here. After that, we followed the top of the ridge around to the main volcano crater. He )the guide) gave us three options: 1. stay at the top, and just look
2. go about 20 metres in, to get a closer look, or 3. go down the full 120 metres into it. Of course, you can guess what we did, started the long decent to the bottom of the crater. The guide gave us one rule, and it was ¨when I say run, you gotta run¨. So, we quickly understood why.. the ground was hot, and once you got going.. the rock was all loose.. you couldn´t stop. So there I was flying down this loose rock in the volcano crater, and leigh was behind me, and I heard him bearing in on me.. very quick. And, just from the sound of his big stomping feet coming towards me, I knew he wasn´t in control. Then I heard a scraping noise, which was him slipping on the rock.. then lots of cheering from the people at the bottom. He slipped.. hardcore.. then he bled. He´s gonna have some nice battle scars. The bottom of the crater was prety cool.. then we started the climb up the side of the crater, to the top ridge again. Ugh, that was hell, it was all loose, and really far up. Once back at the top, we headed to the front slope, its the nice sandy slope (the one that is relatively safe to board down). It was there that we got the volcano boarding lesson. We were told, basically (in a few more words than this) that the safest way to control the board, was to relax, and not try to control the board at all. So, after our lesson on not doing anything, was a practice run to learn to brake. Then, after everyone got to try braking, we put on our overalls, our huge safety goggles, and our singular glove. The guide and two others went first, and of course, I was one of the other 2, cause I was excited to throw myself down a mountain. So, down I went, but unfortunately the guide flew way past me, cause I was imbalanced on the board, so I didn´t move as fast. At my max speed (it was shaking a bit) I wiped out.. BLACK SAND EVERYWHERE. I´m still getting it out of my ears, eyes, and hair. I finished my run, and grabbed the camera, to take pictures. After we all got down, we hiked back to the truck, and headed back to town (in the moonlight by this point).

All in all, lots of fun.

Peace everyone,


Posted by iamcraig88 18:06

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Hey Craig! Wel it doesn't sound like snowboarding altho' I would have thought you would be pretty good at anything that involve flinging down a mountain on a board. Good to hear you made it down in one piece especially with Leigh bearing down on you in the crater. Hope Leigh is OK! Thanks for the update. I bet you didn't ever expect to get close and personal with a volcano!!
Take care & keep in touch! Miss you & love you! Mom

by kbryan

Hey Craig I was there with you all the way down into the crater and I can feel the 'sand'. Nice job on the description of this too cool event, I heard from the boy child that you guys were laughing at my poor Leigh! It's got to be tough when you're his height in 'snallville'.
I can hardly wait to see the pictures. Things here are warming up, birds are coming back and the snow is leaving, reveal 'treats' left by Keegan from the early winter . . .not my job! We are having dinner with the girls tonight, oh yeah I can certainly take the time to tell you what we are eating in your honour . . .top sirloin roast, yorshire pudding, fresh green beans and of course mashed potatoes, did I mention the gravy!! So if your ears burn tonight boys it's because we will be talking about you. Hope the next few days are fun, make certain you have a place to stay over Easter, it's big down there! P.S. I heard about the tentative plan from Panama (on the boat) and I want to come too! Play safe and stay well, love Mom Cory.

by coribel

Hey Craig,
that's volcanoe boarding sounds wicked! you guys are doing some awesome stuff, i'm so jelious! i can't wait to see the pictures. April Fools and Easter are coming up=] wish you were here with us. miss you!

by lor56

holy crap, sounds pretty cool.

by sharon_y

Leigh Leigh

I heard about your episode with you and lava bonding. I bet that was a relationship you thought would not happen.
When dad and Alex was explaining all of your injuries from the boarding down a volcano, I have got to admit that was kinda of funny..... Nobody is going to believe me on that one or they will give me a second look. I am glad you are OK though!!!! I am not sure if the RUM is going to do anything but then I was thinking it is probably pretty potten (sp)it might clear any infection. Keep it clean and dry if you can.
Sorry that is the mother coming out of me. You know I will always take care of you know matter where you are!!!!
That sounded like so much fun going down a vocano mountain. Who would ever think that would be a tourism thing.
Once again lots of bus rides. Can you get a certificate for that too? Put it in the suggestion box next time?
I am so excited of all the things you are experiencing. Your blogs are amazing! Any one of you I thank you for your great stories of what you are doing. It makes us all at ease and they are an enjoymet to read. Keep it up!
Everybody misses you Leigh Leigh.
PS: I keep Grandpa up to date on what you are doing and he says HI!
Love Always Mom...........

by Pascoes

Read your lastest blog on the volcano. Sounds crazy to me. I know I wouldn't do it. Keeping in touch with what your doing with your mom and dad and Uunt Jane. Hope you make it home in one piece. lol . Love Nana and Papa
Uncle Arnold says not to volcano board on the inside of the volcano. That would be smart.haha.
Aunt Ethel says hi too.

by janegobet

Usually where there is smoke there is fire or at least something hot.
I am sure that you are going to top this one! Look forward to reading your next adventure......
Be safe! Lots of love from your fan club in the 'Burg.
Uncle P,Auntie S, Adam, Emily, Hannah

by PhilShari

Hey Craig and your gang
Now this volcano boarding sounds interesting. Do you think it is anything that could catch on up here? Of coarse, you would have to find a volcano. I don't think I would sign up for lessons. Looking forward to seeing pictures of this. Hope you took a picture of your face when you were finished. Well, I am looking forward to reading about your next adventure. Take care and be safe, love Aunt Jane and Uncle Peter and Bryan

by janegobet

buenos dios esta manana de canada. que passe con los caballeros que se llama los tres amogos? esta dia aqui es frio y humedad, solomento tres grados!! las nieve esta aqui, pero la primavera es aqui, vive el abril!!. los viages y las cartas estamos magnificos. vamos buenos, quedarsos buenos, su madre y su padre y keegan el perro contento!!

by coribel

that sounds friggin sweet! i definetly envy u. so leigh fell going down the hill in the crater eh, last time it was u (craig) who ended up flopping down a rocky hill out of control (at least there was only a crick at the bottom of that one, a bit safer) oh well, im sure leigh will get over it - he's a tank. anyway stuff is pretty predicable here, still havin 'rounds' every so often, although they're often much smaller, doin the same ol' stuff u kno hangin out, goin to work, blah. james is having a round at his place on thursday (before easter) it should b pretty good i think. oh yeah, last weekend we saw the movie 300, u guys would like it i think, u'll have to catch it on video, which will be harder than u before cuz leigh dont work at blockbster anymore - oh well. hmmm wut else.. oh yeah justin did this neato flying act with his eyes closed in his neon, (at like 1:30 in the morning) u'll have to get him to tell u more, its pretty awesome, he totally fluked out. anyway, missin you guys,keep the good times goin, i wish it was the same tempurature here as u guys have (i totally miss bikinis lol, j/k).

by mgriffin

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