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we left for utila early in the morning and we took buses for many hours. there was much rushing and being shoved on to buses. we finally made it to la ceiba and we were quickly rushed onto a taxi. it had to rush like mad to try and get the ferry to Utila island. we made it to the ferry by the skin of our noses, it was actually in the midst of leaving. i wasnt feeling well before i went on the boat and the ferry didnt make it any better, after an hour we finally made it to our destination, none to soon i was a bit sea sick. i was also sick in another way, i will spare you the details but it wasnt pretty.

we were swamped by people with flyers and such want us to go to their dive schools, parties and other scuba diving things. we were hoping to go snorkling. we met this fella who directed us to a place that would give us cheaper accomidations if we got our scuba certification there. we still didnt expect to learn how to scuba dive. we checked the school out and while we were there we met a girl from austrailia named Lisa and she was also trying to find a place to stay, and learn advanced scuba diving. most of the rooms that we have seen had four beds, so we asked if she wanted to bunk with us to save some money. she wanted to check out one other place on the island other than the one that we were at. so we left our bags at the dive school and left to find the other place. eventually we found a place called Cross Creek dive centre. It looked really promising so we looked into it further. they had everything we wanted cheap scuba school rates a kitchen cheap accomidations and two free fun dives. one of the people who worked there offered us free accomidations while we are taking the course, that just sealed the deal. so we went back across town to get our stuff. when the 4 of us got back we were met by gore (our dive instructor) who offered us a better room because there were 4 of us and we chose them over the other people. The room that they spoke of was amazing, it had a private bathroom, hot and cold running water, a fridge and the best part.....A/C. We were all really excited about this room usually it cost 18USD a night but we got it for free. the lessons were among the cheapest in the world in Utila but it still set us back 240USD each Ryan used his spare $2000 that he has stashed away in his other account to pay for all of us. we started doing class a bit later then we were supposed to, and we had to rush to get it all done i ate my pancake that i had made in the class while we watched the videos. there first day was a bit boring, wet suits are surprisingly comfortable. i took to scuba diving really well. it was a really amazing experience to be able to breathe underwater. Diving is one of the greatest and most amazing things ive ever done. every day i did diving i liked it more and more. its like being weightless, and being a giant floating jungle world. i would recommend it to everyone, i think its one of those things you have to experience before you die. getting to know the equipment was surprisingly easy as well. we have a total of 6 dives under our belt now as well as our international dive certificate. we left on monday and set off for nicaragua, we took about 7 hours of buses to get to Tegas, Honduras and we stayed there overnight in a pretty clean place, most of the hotels have tvs in every room, we┬┤ve watched more tv in honduras then we have the whole trip.
while we were in utila we had been living on just two meal days because our dives always started at 12 and didnt end till 4 so we never really ate luch, as well as for our two travel days to get to nicaragua. when we got to the boarder it was crazy, there were people hanging on the ladders on the microbus with their heads in the windows trying to get something, whether it was if we wanted a ride to the boarder, to get our money exchanged or just plain asking for money, i was afraid they were going to take our bags. we eventually got our passport stamped and got across the board, we think we got screwed a bit on the money exchange, but what can you do? after another two buses and a total of 7 and a half hours on buses we made it to Leon, we had quite a walk and it was getting close to dark, we met a fella named dave who went with us to try and find the hostel called via via. he had a compass so that helped a lot to try in orient ourselves, after a lot of walking through town we made it to via via, but we found out there was another hostel right across the road we we were told it was better by the people who were staying via via, so we stayed at the bigfoot insted, it was a really cool place. it was a dorm style hostel, it had a kitchen, clean sheets, a pool table, a bar, and tv, it was pretty swanky. the next day we went to the museum of mythology and torture...i know it sounds like a weird combination, as well as that, we visited central americas largest cathedral it was pretty amazing. later on that night we went to the bar and got to see some live music, they played one english song, "one"-U2. the whole hostel went to see her, there were a good 25 people staying at the hostel, when we got there the power was out so we had to wait a bit before we got to hear anything. the rest of the night was a blur but it was definately a good night. today we are going to climb a volcano and slide down it on a piece of plywood, it going to be really cool, i cant wait.

this blog was written over several days sporatically so if its a bit hard to understand bear with me.

missin home,


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Thanks Leigh for the update. The bus rides seem to be quite guelling - you thought riding the schoolbus was bad. Glad to hear things are going well - managing to get over the borders OK. Spring is in the air here - i hope although I don't want to say it too loud beacause then we will have more snow. Take care to all of you Mom Kathy

by kbryan

Leigh, Leigh, you poor guy between the sea sickness and the wounds from the volcano you are having a bit of a tough time. Don't let those short, mouthy guys laugh too hard at you. Thanks for the details on your accomodations, Ryan told me he really likes this hostel in Leon. I hear you guys are eating well as there is a really good kitchen where you are staying. We are keeping our eyes out for the divers qualifications, not here yet. Glad to hear that you are checking out some of the museums and cathedrals etc, I'm sure there are plenty. It's a little overcast here this morning, but I've had a few sunny runs this week, so spring is on it's way. Have a great time and keep us posted. You in particular PLAY SAFE and stay well, Love Mom Cory

by coribel

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